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The lottery shop in Rio is not big. If it weren't attracted by the "long dragon" of more than ten meters, the reporter would not recognize it as a lottery shop. The lottery logo on the signboard is clearly visible, and one side of the shop is filled with information about the rollover of bonuses. Among them is a kind of "Powerball" lottery. The prize pool has already exceeded 100 million reais (1 reais is approximately equal to 3 yuan). ). This kind of lottery is a bit like a two-color ball. The "Powerball" has to choose 6 numbers from 80 numbers and guess all the numbers to win. "How difficult!" Anyone who can buy lottery tickets wants to be a part of the prize pool. A colleague who came to interview the World Cup half-jokingly said half-seriously: "I didn't get a lot of lottery tickets in China. When I come back to Rio, brothers have divided the 100 million yuan prize pool."

In the 2007 fiscal year ticketing, it was converted into approximately $725 million in lottery tickets, and in the 2006 fiscal year Powerball tickets, it was converted to approximately $2.8 billion. In the lottery field, the loss was about $800.

September 29, Rams: KeralalotteryPournamiRN-411 lottery results were announced today. Related information is provided on the official website. Ticket price: 30 rupees Ticket price: 40 rupees Winning prize: first prize, 6.5 million rupees, second place, 1 million rupees, third prize, 1

An Indian "willful driver" has driven backwards for 11 years. In northern India, there is such a "willful driver" who has driven backwards for more than ten years. Recently, he obtained a special driver's license issued by the government. The Indian taxi driver Halprit Dev is a celebrity in his hometown of Punjab, because he has superb driving skills-in the past 11 years, he has been driving the taxi backwards, the top speed has reached several times. ten kilometers. Halpruit said that he has long been used to this way of driving and can't even trust his normal driving skills. Halpruit drove backwards for the first time, one night in 2003. At that time, he drove home from outside the city. On the way, the car broke down and the gear was stuck in reverse gear. "It was late at the time. I was outside the city and had no money, so I decided to drive home backwards like this." He said, "The experience of driving backwards gave me confidence." India "A wayward driver ”Driving backwards for 11 years

It was reported on the 17th that the Indian Ministry oflotto extra texas Health released data on the same day that as of that day, India had 4,987 new confirmed cases of new crowns, the highest single-day increase on record. The cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 90,927, the cumulative number of deaths was 2,872, and the cumulative number of cases cured was 34,109. .

The numbers 7, 11, and 13 are used because they reconsider lucky numbers in 13 situations. The most popular lottery is instant tickets, with total sales of 107.7 million US dollars.