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London is a macro-collection of culture, little-known history, and politics. It has a profound impact on individuals: no one knows this better than young people who take London as their home. Through the collaboration between Magnum Photos and CreateJobs, an organization that promotes the employability of minorities in the arts and digital fields, 24 young creatives created some photographic projects in response to questions from the creative team of the HudsonBec Group" What is your London?" To answer tlotto 47 numbers for todayhis question, they made a kaleidoscope-like interpretation. The project involves many topics: the disturbing aspects of the fashion industry, the expression of spoken language and a sense of belonging, including underground music scenes, family stories, through these to let the minority speak out, through portraits and still life paintings to pay tribute to people's favorite space, LGBTQ+ group Mental health, and the gender experience of exploring in the city.

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On August 6th news, on the 6th local time, a fire broke out in a designated hospital for new coronary pneumonia in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, India, resulting in the death of 8 patients in the ICU ward...

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Northern Ireland’s rich cultural heritage has received a general improvement in awareness in recent years. Earlier this year, we highlighted lottery money towards a tour of Sandy Row. Also recently, some of Northern Ireland’s most celebrated 18th and 19th century gardens received lottery cash boosts. The next project for HLF funding is to restore the last remaining Victorian era public bathhouse. The Templemore Baths opened in 1893 and the last to open in the city. Now, it is the only remaining example of its kind in Northern Ireland. That is why £5m lottery grant for Templemore is so important.